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1. Single company with different stock locations

2. Different product types

3. Unlimited products within product types Product code can be automated or can be entered manually.

4. Ability to integrate with barcode reader. Barcodes can be generated from the system.

5. Price tags for each product can be printed with barcode.

6. Maintain sale price history

7. Manage Suppliers

8. Stock management within locations. Each location maintains its own stock. Stocks can be added directly to the location or it can be transferred from another location.

9. Transfer stocks between different locations

10. Ability to check stock balance at any given time

11. Manage credit customers

12. Ability to generate Invoice or cash sale. Cash sale/Invoice can be printed using receipt printer or laser/dot matrix printer.

13. Ability to setoff invoices from credit customers

14. Multi till operations. Daily float can be maintained for each till. Till summary and withdrawals can be calculated end of the day.

15. Manage Credit notes and returns

16. Product/Sales Statistics. Fast moving items and slow moving items.

17. Very high security features
  a. Ability to create different user profiles with different access rights
  b. Each user granted with separate password and access rights
  c. Audit Trail
  d. Automatic lock feature if not used within a specified period

18. Comprehensive reports
  a. Invoice/Cash Sale Receipt Printer or laser/dot matrix print format
  b. Receipt for invoice setoff - Receipt Printer or laser/dot matrix print format
  c. Credit Note or Cash Refund for returns - Receipt Printer or laser/dot matrix print format
  d. Sales Summary report
  e. Product Activity report
  f. Stock Activity report
  g. Stock Balance/Valuation report
  h. Product Pricing History report
  i. Debtors Report

19. Dedicated support directly from authors
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