Enterprise Business Accounting (EBA Enterprise)

EBA EBA is an Enterprise Accounting enabling tool which allows an organization to conduct its entire business throughout its operational locations. The system enables remote operations via Wide Area Network (WAN) which extends its functionality beyond common, legacy accounting systems. In addition to handling all functions of an organization such as Finance, Sales, Purchases, Inventory and Human Resources and Payroll, among others, EBA offers a unique ability to integrate your functioning with that of your customers, suppliers and multiple branches or productions locations. Using the latest technologies, EBA has the ability to offer all benefits of Enterprise automation. EBA brings all aspects of your operations together, providing you with an integrated, holistic view of your business. The comprehensive range of features and functionality, complemented with a number of add-on modules, provides a scalable, flexible and robust management tool for your growing business.  

EBA Enterprise
EBA is a complete MIS, Financial and Management System, extending to third party applications specialized on various Business Practices. The Product is developed and marketed in the far-east and Globe Computer Systems Ltd possesses the entire source to customize the application to suit enterprise requirements.

The Application Database is MS-SQL which is one of the fastest databases in the World and the application is highly user friendly. The application is an annual licensing product. EBA is basically designed to run on WAN environment and it’s so easy to configure the client instantly.




EBA brings you unlimited accounting
Drill down facility of each and every Accounts up to the source and Account Distribution
Multiple Chart of Accounts for subsidiary company environment
Accounts can be created in hierarchical Three Levels of groupings
System defined groups for default accounts
Segmented Accounting with 5 tiers
Budget allocation for all accounts and Commitment accounting
Definable process flow controls with template control for all prime transactions
Defining narration for vouchers for ease of data entry
Transactional Templates with flexible User Definable document numbering facility
Transaction limits for vouchers for control purposes
Unlimited entries per voucher
Transactions in multiple currencies
Multiple Warehousing functions
Cheque printing and Remittance Advance capability
Adjustments of exchange fluctuations
Recurrent Journal entries
Ability to work in multiple financial years simultaneously


Nominal Ledger

Five tier accounting solution with custom enabled web interface. EBA is a complete MIS, Financial and Management System, extending to third party applications specialized on various Business Practices.
EBA Finance streamlines the financial operations of a company in accordance with the accepted accounting and financial reporting standards. Cart of Accounts can be grouped into three levels and segmented into five tier account codes with unlimited characters in code definitions. All vouchers related to journal entries, sales, purchase, receipt and payment are recorded with user defined templates that make EBA unique as compared to most other systems.


Sales Ledger

Sales is the most important and essential function for the existence for most organization. EBA Sales handle all the activities for domestic and export sales of an organization. The customer and product database is maintained with comprehensive data to undertake CRM functions. Sales Force Automation is an important feature of EBA Sales Module. POS (Point of Sale) functions to capture Inquiries, Quotations, Sales Order placement, order scheduling and then dispatching and Invoicing form broad steps of the sales cycle. Stock transfer between warehouses too is covered. Besides all, important analysis reports are provided to guide decision making and strategic planning.


Purchases Ledger

EBA Purchases aim at making available the required materials/stocks of the right quality, right quantity, at the right time and at the right price for the smooth functioning of the organization. All purchasing activities starting from inviting quotations, purchase order placement to the supplier after supplier evaluation on various parameters like quality and price, order scheduling and billing are covered in this module. Order tracking is made easy for the purchase department by the various reports and MIS that are available in EBA Purchases Module.


Cash Book

Multi Currency cash book with unlimited Cash Book account capability. The objective of EBA Cash Book is to provide system-wide bank reconciliation information on cash in/outflows allowing optimal and efficient Cash Management. Fully integrated functionality across the entire suite enabling foreign currency transactional capabilities.



EBA multi warehousing Inventory covers all stock related functions of an organization. Stock management and valuation activities form the backbone of any organization generally, take considerable time and resources. EBA Inventory handles all the store activities of issues, dispatches, receipts and quality control. The lot wise stock of each item is maintained and various MIS are provided for tracking stock movement. Multi warehousing EBA Inventory is integrated across the entire financial suite.


Fixed Assets

With multiple forms of depreciation and unlimited assets helps to control fixed assets easily, affordably and reliably. Comprehensive assets schedules with various options simplifies the entire assets management process including disposals and keeping a track of each item in terms of cost additions as added value to individual items. Assets automatically fall into to the segmented information specified in the Chart of Accounts, thus seamlessly integrate all financial information to the Nominal Ledger and other subsidiary ledgers.
Ability to prepare and calculate Capital Allowances schedules for tax purposes make this module unique and incomparable with any other system.
  EBA Enterprise

Add-On Modules

EBA is designed to take up realities of organization’s complex and heterogeneous operating environment. In order to cater for numerous needs EBA comes with Vertical Applications that are fully integrated with the legacy system.

Seamlessly integrated add-on modules offer powerful features and enhance functionality to make your solution work better together

POS (Point Of Sale)
GLOBAL POS gives a complete solution for retail market. POS software designed to incorporate every point of sale functionality bundled with robust POS equipment. Comprehensive cash management function with user friendly operations make the process versatile.

Fully integrated GLOBAL PAYROLL & HR System designed specifically for medium sized businesses, and offers flexibility with easy to use facilities that enable you to process your employees’ payments without the need to understand the complexities involved. The system provides an effective tool to manage people and optimize resources. As business expands, it is crucial to have flexible software for managing the increase payroll and HR demands. GLOBAL Payroll & HR System is extremely versatile. It comprises of series of a powerful modules that can be configured to suit your payroll requirements.

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