Global Payroll & HR

In a rapidly changing environment. The effective management of resources is a critical requirement if all organizations are to meet the ever-increasing challenges. Global Payroll & HR System has been designed to thrive in this environment.

Global Payroll & HR Global Payroll & HR has been in market over 10 years and proud to associate with over 200 satisfied cliental in Malawi. We can evidently claim that GLOBAL PAYROLL & HR is the most widely used Payroll & HR System in Malawi.
Global Payroll & HR has three editions;


Global Payroll & HR - Expert Edition

Global Payroll & HR Expert edition ideal for small organization which are having less than 50 employees. This system designed to operate on single desktop or Client Server environment.
Global Payroll & HR Expert


Global Payroll & HR - Online Edition

Global Payroll & HR Online edition ideal for small to medium enterprise. Web enabled system offers all Payroll and HR functions with enhanced features. The system can be hosted within or using cloud services offered by Globe Internet Limited.
Global Payroll & HR Online


Global Payroll & HR - Smart Business

Global Payroll & HR Smart Business edition ideal for small to medium enterprise. This edition specially designed for activity based payroll for Plantations and similar industries. Also you can run all other normal payroll processing.
Global Payroll & HR Smart Business


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