Global Payroll & HR Expert edition ideal for small organization which are having less than 50 employees. This system designed to operate on single desktop or Client Server environment. This provides all options that the user needs to keep complete Payroll and Human Resource records for employees. Global Payroll & HR has been developed to meet requirements of standard employee records. This new version has new screen layouts making it easier to use and understand.
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Affordable to everyone.
Pay only license fees of just $200 per annum for upto 50 Employee band.

Integrated Software
Global Payroll & HR is fully integrated to all the modules. This means that all data within the system is kept in a common file in the database to allow all data created in the structured modules of the complete system to be used by all the users in different modules. The users have access to the data that is found in all modules.
Endless Entitles
Unlimited Users, Unlimited Earnings, Deductions, Cost Centers and Pay Centers can be defined. You can manage all the parameters for HR and Payroll records as you want.

Secured Payroll Process
Global Payroll & HR secured with comprehensive password control. Users can create with different access privileges. All modules and functions are secured with encryption and protection methods.
Employee Details
Adding a new employee is easy and fast. The system will generate the employee number according to the employment terms. You can add personal information, employment information, payment information as well as family details of employees. Browsing employees and searching is much easier.

System Support

DEDICATED SUPPORT CENTRES is committed to provide 365 day Support to all Clients using Global systems. The Support Consultants have a full range of skills to implement software solutions for a broad range of applications on a wide range of platforms. GCSL support centres are available in all major cities and extended throughout the country.
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Multi-Processing Levels
The payroll can process in different processing levels. This enables the user to process group of employees in one group.
Global Changes
Increase or decrease of pay items for all/selected employees can be done with-in very short time. Budget projection also available for planning purposes.

Recurring and Non recurring Transactions
Unlimited recurring and non recurring transactions can be added to employees pay
Loan Manager
Loan Manager is comprehensive facility in Global Payroll & HR. This enables to give loans to the employees and deduct automatically from their payroll

Leave Manager
Automatic deduction for un-paid leaves is available. Annual leaves which has not been taken will automatically accrue to the next year.
Improved Time & Attendace Management integrated with Biometric Devices using the Add-On tool, Global Gatekeeper.

All the reports can be previewed before it printing. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, Word and Text.
Pay sheet, Pay Slip, All tax reports according to Malawi Revenue Authority, Signature Listing, Bank Listing, Coinage Report, Payroll Journal, Loan Reports, leave Reports, HR Reports
GLOBAL Report Designer
GLOBAL Report Designer allows you to customize all existing reports and create new reports as well
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