Project Implementation

Our Approach

Our approach and objectives of project implementation cycle is based on the following tasks:

Study the current process undertaken by the Client in performing the same functionality in its current environment to determine how best these could be computerized / automated to achieve reliable, user friendly system.
Agree with the Client in consultation with relevant stakeholders requirements for the system
Carryout feasibility study if need be, jointly with the Client based on the Process and Workflow analysis.
Develop or Customize the System based on the Process and Workflow Analysis
Assess and recommend the hardware requirement of the system
Implement the system
Assess the human resource capabilities for effectively utilization of the proposed system and recommend appropriate training.
Propose a program for skill transfer to Client to ensure that the system eventually owns and runs efficiently and effectively by Client and ROI is achieved as anticipated by the Client by implementing a new system solution.

GCSL would provide assistance from its group of skilled consultants to help ensure the System is implemented smoothly, effectively and within the given time scale and would enable client exploit the following benefits offered by best practice approach developed along product lines and with industry verticals.

A proven route to success
Risk managed more effectively
Implementation time scale reduced through more effective use of effort
Best practice encouraged
Deliverables are consistent and are of a high standard


Implementation Methodology

The methodology adopted sets out how GCSL successfully implements standard applications developed by GCSL under GLOBAL software development team.

In the case of this assignment, we will adapt this approach to supervise the installation and implementation of the system. Each phase of the project is outlined giving the objectives of each step, what the deliverable are and how it is controlled and achieved.

The entire project implementation process consists of the following phases;

Project Initiation
Project Design phase
Build & Unit Test Phase
Quality Assurance / Integrated Test Phase
Training and Go-Live Phase
Post Implementation Support
Close Out Phase

GCSL has well experienced and trained staff to give the maximum support for the customers during various stages of business such as in sales, marketing, implementation, system support, consultancy and etc. Since the quality of the services we give to customers, all our customers are very happy regarding any products or services we provide.

Training Methodology

Our project approach and management is well structured to suite the Client’s objectives and ensure that all aspects of the entire process cycle is properly assessed using structured methodology. Based on the past experience in handling projects of similar nature, we will adopt the best suited approach taking into account of the process cycle within the organization.

Our approach to the project is based on the well-structured Workflow Analysis components that are used to address the entire information cycle manually operated with a sole objective of achieving user friendly, objective oriented and complete system requirements for comprehensive computerized process that will cater for all current and future developments and administrative requirements of the Client’s system.

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