Support Infrastructure

GCSL through, steady operations, has established strong bonds with our suppliers and many more organizations, and together we have broaden our vision and expanded on our levels of service and Technical Expertise. GLCS is the only IT solution provider in Malawi, offering a wide spectrum of services, from hardware to software development, Financial Solutions, and Internet Solutions.

List of personnel and facilities is as follows:

  Staff / Service Category Count
  Technical Support Services (Technicians/Engineers) 10
  Financial\Support Consultants 6
  Software developers 6
  Specialized Computer Experts (Engineers) 10
  Software support Staff 6
  Other support and operational staff 20
  Technical Support Vehicles (deployed) 10
  Sales and Marketing Vehicles (deployed) 5
  Total Vehicles Fleet 25
  Showrooms in the country 3
  Present Functional Offices/Branches 2
        Various Test Equipment Tools, etc. 

Our consultants have a full range of skills for on-site assignments to augment a company’s need for skilled and experienced software consultants. These consultants can be deployed to design, develop, test and implement software solutions for a broad range of applications on a wide range of platforms.


Technical Expertize

GCSL has Financial/Support consultants, technical staff and Software Staff, a combination of Technicians and Engineers, each in excess of 5 years’ experience in their respective departments and fields. GCSL has software development arm in Sri Lanka, comprised of skilled Developers on VB, ASP, PHP and DOT NET applications.

With regards to High Tech Computer Expertise, GCSL has an Overseas Expertise, with vast experience on hardware and Software capable of delivering almost any IT solution. We have expertise to effect repairs up to component level, and our engineers are fully trained by the Component Manufacturers to diagnose and repair at component level. This means that it is cost effect


Support Plan

GCSL undertakes a 365 days software support services for organizations. The support services include day-to-day application problem solving, carrying out housekeeping activities, performing data uploads / downloads, installation of new program releases, periodic health checks, etc. GCSL undertakes to establish a dedicated call centre facility for the Project to cater for any support, Service and helpdesk functions.

GCSL will provide comprehensive support for applications developed by GLOBALsoftware with-in the first year free of charge.

Areas covered under Support Plan
Unlimited hot line support
Data recovery
Assistance on report generation
Quarterly checkups on system and performance
Error correction if necessary

GSCL will provide professional services during 07.30 hours to 17.30 hours on week days and 07.30 to 12.30 hours on Saturdays

Response Time Limits
System Failures 2 hours
Critical 8 hours
Semi Critical 24 hours
Non Critical 48 hours

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