Apart from all standard features available, Global Payroll & HR Smart Business works on Activity based functionalities specific for Estate Sector payroll process, where salaries for employees are paid on production targets. The system has comprehensive production based cost analytical reports required for expenditure allocation for filed activities. This edition is specifically designed for Tea Plantation Sector.

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Pay only license fees starting from $250 per annum for upto 100 Employee band.

Activity Based  + Time Based

This payroll system can specially handle employees who are getting paid for the activities, using the activity based payroll processing. Also you can make the normal salaries for time based payroll. System can generate special reports for activity based payroll with budgeting and etc.
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More than everything to manage your Payroll & HR

Global Payroll & HR Online
Global Payroll & HR Online
Leave Management
Global Payroll & HR Online
Automatic Loans
Global Payroll & HR Online
Salary Transactions
Global Payroll & HR Online
Timesheet Capture
Global Payroll & HR Online
Payroll Process

Complete HR Management
Employee Personal Details, Contact Details, Payment Settings, Family Details, Other Interests, Confirm Employees, Terminate Employees, Education Qualifications, Previous Work Experiences, Future Training Programs, Employee Gratuity, Employee Self-Service (ESF)

Leave Manager
Annual Leave Entitlements, Monthly/Yearly accrued leave, Automatic Unpaid Leave Deductions, Leave Application and Approval, Leave Balances

Loan Manager
Custom Loan Types (Codes), Equal Installment and Reducing Balance, Interest Rates and Automatic Deductions, Loan Application and Approval, Pause, Resume or Cancel Loans. Loan History

Time Based Payroll
Monthly/Fortnightly/Weekly/Lunar Monthly payroll Process, Custom Earning and Deduction types, Recurring and Non-Recurring transactions, Timesheet capture for Normal Working Hour and up to 3 OT types, Global changes to adjust salaries for a group of employees, Daily Timesheet Capture, Denominated Salaries, Process Payroll and Finalze, Pay Period Management.

Activity Based Payroll
You can define your own activities with rates and parameters to capure daily activities of each employee grouping them to gangs and fields as you want. System will calculate the activity based salaries automatically once the period is defined.

All Required Reports
Payslip, Paysheet, Signature Listing, Bank Listing, Coinage, Pay Item Listing, Payroll Journal, HR Reports, Leave Reports, Loan Reports, All Tax Reports according to Malawi Revenue Authority

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