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Global Payroll & HR Online Edition designed specifically for small to large sized businesses for effective management of HR and Payroll functions and offers flexibility with easy to use facilities that enable you to process your employees’ payments without the need to understand the complexities involved. Global Payroll & HR System – Online Edition delivers completely web based functionality. The system can be hosted within the organization where internet infrastructure is available or using Cloud Services offered by Globe Internet.

New Home Screen

Everything you need to know about Payroll & HR is at a glance with new Home Screen. The new version comes with a new home screen which allows your find almost like all the details and quick links at a glance. New shortcuts enable you to guide through the entire HR process and Payroll calculations. All Notifications including HR, Salaries, Loans and Leaves will be right on the first page with the system.

Dashboard and Bar charts for the employees will give you the right idea about your HR and Payroll. Also you may find what is new and social updates right through the home screen.
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More than everything to manage your Payroll & HR

Global Payroll & HR Online
Global Payroll & HR Online
Leave Management
Global Payroll & HR Online
Automatic Loans
Global Payroll & HR Online
Salary Transactions
Global Payroll & HR Online
Timesheet Capture
Global Payroll & HR Online
Payroll Process

Complete HR Management
Employee Personal Details, Contact Details, Payment Settings, Family Details, Other Interests, Confirm Employees, Terminate Employees, Education Qualifications, Previous Work Experiences, Future Training Programs, Employee Gratuity, Employee Self-Service (ESF)

Leave Manager
Annual Leave Entitlements, Monthly/Yearly accrued leave, Automatic Unpaid Leave Deductions, Leave Application and Approval, Leave Balances

Loan Manager
Custom Loan Types (Codes), Equal Installment and Reducing Balance, Interest Rates and Automatic Deductions, Loan Application and Approval, Pause, Resume or Cancel Loans. Loan History

Flexible Payroll
Monthly/Fortnightly/Weekly payroll Process, Custom Earning and Deduction types, Recurring and Non-Recurring transactions, Timesheet capture for Normal Working Hour and up to 3 OT types, Global changes to adjust salaries for a group of employees, Daily Timesheet Capture, Denominated Salaries, Process Payroll and Finalze, Pay Period Management.

All Required Reports
Payslip, Paysheet, Signature Listing, Bank Listing, Coinage, Pay Item Listing, Payroll Journal, HR Reports, Leave Reports, Loan Reports, All Tax Reports according to Malawi Revenue Authority

Global Payroll & HR Online

Employee Self-Service

Your employees can easily get to know their own details and payment updates by connecting to the same payroll server from anywhere. You can create employee self-service logins for any selected employees who are registered as employees. They will get the access to login to same system in a limited profile where they can apply for leave days, apply for loans, check salary statistics, check pension statistics and check gratuity. This brings more transparency to your payroll system.

Benifits for you

Today’s organizations operate in a rapidly changing environment. The effective management of resources is a critical requirement if all organizations are to meet the ever-increasing challenges of the new millennium. GLOBAL Payroll & HR System has been designed to thrive in this environment.

GLOBAL Payroll & HR System has been developed with an understanding of the fundamental issues such as empowerment of management and to participate and respond with solutions that are both comprehensive and flexible.


How GLOBAL Payroll & HR System can benefits you..
Process payroll anywhere, anytime
Saves Time & Cost.
Eliminates Human Errors.
Improves Communications between employees and administrative with Employee Self-Service

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